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  • Dear Towerer, your task will be to clear a tower full of enemies that look like geometric shapes.
  • Survive in the test chambers and you may be rewarded for your work after you get to the top of the tower.
  • Each step will cause you even more pain... but we believe you can do it and take on the challenge, else you will be... DEAD.
  • And remember... don't miss... even though the ammunition is unlimited, try not to die.
  • Good luck and keep your head up, don't look down, because... why would you?


  • Rogue-lite, permanent death/randomly picked levels from the pool created by us. We recommend playing multiple times.
  • Random bosses.
  • Ability to dash, good for avoiding traps, bullets and also enemies themselves.
  • Polished, well-designed linear experience.
  • Change system for weapons (pick from two, dispose last one) after each level up.
  • Items which give your character specific buffs and debuffs.
  • Different enemies, with different AI behaviours.